Zippy - Simplified Logistics Solution

Zippy makes it easy for Logistics service provider to get on board and serve the zippy customers for simplified logistics solutions based on the customers need. Zippy, in a short span of time has expanded its services starting from Delhi-NCR region to pan India. Zippy is a startup with big goals for providing hassle free logistics solutions.

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client vision


When the client first pitched the idea about the application, our main focus was to develop a solution that is user-friendly for all kinds of people, irrespective of their education level. Therefore, all the features of the application should be very simple and easy to understand. Hence, the UI was the main area of concern. Next coming to the vendor section of the application. The request made by the customers must reach to the suitable vendor in one shot to get instant quotes. This selection of right vendor was based not only on the vehicle type but also on its capacity, availability and the service area/permit area. So, we had this big challenge to overcome while defining the layout of the application.


ui/ux designs
UI/UX Design
ios app
iOS App
Android App


The main objective of developing Zippy was to create a platform where any user, irrespective of state, can book heavy-duty vehicles for intercity or intra-city transportation of goods. The main requirement of our client while getting the app developed was to make it user-friendly. The client wanted that the app should have a very simple and user-friendly GUI. The foremost requirement was to provide a common platform between the vendors (Logistic companies and individuals) and customers (demanding logistic services) where the most appropriate vendor can reach the customer in the easiest as well as the fastest way. Our modern world is an era of on-demand services. Similarly, the client intent was to transform traditional logistics services into a complete on demand service in India through this simple application. In short, our target was to create Zippy - On Demand Logistics app where you can book vehicle anywhere and anytime.

  • Developing an application that is easy to use for both the literate and the illiterate user.
  • Sending the request to suitable vendors.
  • Selecting the vendor according to the Serviceable area.


In order to overcome our first challenge, we went to few vendors and users to study their minimum level of understanding of an application. This is the reason why we spent maximum time in finalizing the design of the application. The design constitutes minimum number of fields and buttons which were named in the most understandable language of logistics handlers. While developing the vendor section, we defined some special field that was necessary but at the same time easy to fill. These fields collect the very basic information about the vendor that are necessary while sending the request. The service area and the vehicle permit were kept mandatory to be filled. Finally, the query sent by a user goes through various filters before reaching the vendors. These filters help to get the most appropriate vendors for a particular query.

  • Simple GUI that makes the application User-friendly.
  • Appropriate vendor selection.
  • Minimum response time beneficial for the customer as they get instant quotes.



Feedback received

Zippy is a brand new logistics industry based startup. The system is well developed by Team Neuweg. We are already on to additions of new features to make it available soon to public. These people are excellent when it comes to optimised development and a highly reliable system.

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