How to make your Android app popular on Google Play Store?

Every Android app aims to get high ranking on the Google Play Store, however, it is not an easy task. But, it is not impossible! This blog will guide you on how to make your app reach billions of users.

It takes strategic efforts to build a mobile app successfully. Next, it is time to focus on how to make your app popular across the globe. Android market is highly competitive, around 3 million apps are available on the Google Play Store in just 30 categories. It means your app is locking horns with approximately 100,000 mobile applications in a particular domain.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks to make a difference on the Google Play store, then the below-mentioned suggestions certainly going to help you out.

Increase the number of Subscribers

One of the primary things that you need to focus on is increasing your user base. Similar to the SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, the ASO will help you to improve the visibility of your app. Once you have high visibility, then the probability of your mobile application’s popularity also becomes high.

Only a Unique App Idea Wins

There are multiple apps that are uploaded on the Play Store regularly. However, not every app becomes popular among the users. To win in this tough competition going in the market, an app should be unique and is useful for the users.

App Size should be optimized

It is suggested that an app’s size should be preferably 5MB or below. This will ensure that the app fits in every storage space that is available in the Android smartphone. To make sure this, you can optimize multiple things, such as 9 patch Images, PNG optimizers, and Lint.

Attractive UI of the App

An app should provide good experience or users will simply abandon it, hence a thrilling and sassy designs a prima facie feature. At the same, it keeps a user hooked in the longer run. Moreover, the first impression is the last impression, hence, the design is an important aspect.

Improve the Retention Time

This is another criteria that impact the ranking of apps on the Google Play Store. It is crucial to notice that for how long an app is installed on the devices of a user. Therefore, the app developers should focus on improving the “lifespan” of the mobile apps by improving user retention.  It can easily be attained with a precise description and amazing performance of the mobile app. It is important to note that the higher the retention time of apps, superior is its play store ranking.

Update and Maintenance should be regular

No app can be popular with a poor working, only a bug-free mobile app can become popular among the users. Keep the app updated by adding features, as well as resolve the issues reported by the user. The app store gives leverage to the developers who pay consideration to their clientele’s suggestions and issues. By upgrading the mobile app, a developer can improve user loyalty.

Improve the rating & reviews of the app

A number of users depend on the ranking, as well as reviews of the mobile app, in order to choose the right app for installation. Hence, it is important to achieve good ranking, which is only possible if your app has something unique to offer and provides an impeccable user experience.

Additional suggestions  to improve the Rankings of your app on Google’s Play Store

  1. Know your Target Audience

Whether it is Android or iOS app devotement, it is essential to focus on your target audience. In order to earn revenue from your app, reaching out to the correct user base is important.  Therefore, proper market research to know the users properly is mandatory.

  1. Provide Social Links

Users engage with mobile app marketers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are resourceful in acquiring more user base which is related to good raking. Google uses the +1s to refer the users to associated applications. This implies that apps with more links will get the benefit of having a higher number of installs and therefore, good ranking.

  1. Focus on App Indexing

App indexing on Google doesn’t directly the app ranking but will help in drawing extra traffic to the app, which ultimately leads to good ranking. Hence, several mobile app marketers consider it as one of the important factors to get a higher ranking on the Play Store.

In conclusion

App developers or marketers should focus on making their mobile apps shine on the app store.  Now, this is attainable only if the app that is developed is intuitive or enjoyable. However, to make sure that unique idea wins on app store no hire a dependable app development company like Neuweg to build your next mobile app. For more information, get in touch with us.

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