How can you grow your car wash business with an “On-Demand Mobile App”?

on-demand car wash

The car wash industry is no more an unorganized sector as every day bigger players are entering the sector. The latest trend “Uber for Car Wash” has a huge business opportunity. According to a report by the United States Census Bureau, Americans spend $5.8B a year to get car wash facilities. According to a recent survey, more than 70% of car owners in the US prefer professional car wash facilities over washing cars at their home premises. The industry is growing tremendously, on an average 8 million vehicle owners take car wash services every day.

Growth driving factors in the Car Wash industry

The two major reasons why consumers prefer professional car washing service because it saves time and is very convenient. In the US, every year there is a vast decline in the percentage people washing their cars at home as the trend is moving from “Do-it-Yourself” to “Do-it-for-me”. One Important factor to consider, 35% of car wash businesses has competition within their one mile. Hence, the competition in the on-demand car wash business will be neck breaking. Without a doubt, North America, Europe, and Australia have a huge demand for the on-demand car wash business model and this mobility driven service will certainly organize the industry and increase profitability.

In the United States, more than 72% population uses professional car wash services and conveyor car wash services are one of the most revenue generating businesses. On-demand car wash platform can bring more business opportunity as consumers will order car wash services more frequently. The reasons why still few consumers prefer washing their cars at home because of the high expense and time consumed at the car washing stations. On-demand car wash app is the best solution to reduce the time consumed at car washing stations as it brings the service at consumer’s doorstep.

Why your business needs an on-demand App?

There is a tremendous change in the spending power and the number of vehicles on roads are increasing with every year. This is a major factor behind the increase in demand for car wash services as per capita disposable income is also increasing. As cited in a market research, US carwash industry has a 2.9% annual growth rate with 8 million cars are washed every day. The mobile technology has changed the face of the traditional car wash business. With the on-demand app, you can provide your customer with faster service, better and eco-friendly cleaning service that enhances overall customer experience.

Moving ahead, here are the top three reasons that why you should consider developing on-demand car wash app like VOSH.

1. Improves the efficiency of your business

As we know more efficiency means more productivity. An On-demand service app will help you need to eliminate the inefficient process in your current business model.

2. Increase convenience for your customer

A user is more inclined towards a particular product or service, which is more convenient in every manner. With an on-demand app, you provide car-wash service in your customer’s preferred location so that they do not have to wait in never-ending lines to get the car wash service.

3. Offer solutions for both B2B and B2C

Besides providing a rich experience to customers, you can also provide B2B (business to business) services. If a business wants to offer car wash services, you can partner with to provide on-site service in a remote location. It provides more flexibility, offering an innovative platform for both Businesses and consumers.

In conclusion

On-demand car wash platforms can transform the industry by offering convenience along with faster service to the customer. To develop a successful on-demand car wash platform, you need to use the best technology available. We recently developed, VOSH an online on-demand car wash platform providing the best quality service and competing effectively in the competitive landscape. Get in touch, with us if you are interested in starting you also want to develop an on-demand car wash platform like VOSH.

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