Application of AI in the Android Apps

There has been a lot of technological advancements disrupting the mainstream app development industry. In the current mobile market there are a plethora of Android apps and app developers, so how can your app or app development company make a difference? Here is the answer, by ingraining the advancements in their development process.

Artificial intelligence is estimated to cross 17 billion US dollars by the end of 2020. You can be the part of this integrating with your app development and making it your USP. The tech giant Google is strongly promoting AI and has released the AI based toolkit to aid the Android developers. The new toolkit is equipped with Android jetpack to get you started and rolling with the best apps using AI.

Here is the list of the AI based  features that you can consider to incorporate in your next Android app:

Face detection

Face ID is not a new feature in the iPhones, it would be extraordinary if Android comes up with the same. Face detection technology not just identifies the human faces but also presents them in different frames. This can be a great feature for security-based apps and tracking apps for people or objects. For example, Snapchat recognizes the face, allows different filters and also face swapping but AI can do far more.

Text recognition

Text recognition detects the texts presented in the images or videos and fetch it from the media files. Once the text is detected, it further proceeds to understand the meaning of the text by breaking it down into segments and revealing its original form. This will actually be a very smart AI feature to be integrating into Android apps. There are several gaming apps which are already the text recognition feature as a combined feature with other features.

Image Labeling

Image Labeling assigns an image label to the images stored in the database, resulting in finding an image easy in the bunch of images. Now with the era of selfies, take any smartphone and it will be overloaded with images. This feature can be a useful feature for any target audience of any segment whether it is selfie addict teenagers or it is corporate people. Image labeling will label the images in a grounded data, on the bases of region or shape or pixels or according to the scenes captured. Helping the user in searching the images as per their convenience.

Landmark Detection

It hunts the particular points in an image which can be of great use in the specific research area. A user can hunt for images in a lab, or in a classroom, or in different locations, such an Android app will be a delight for any user.

AI apps have used in every field that you can; from tourism to business, from leisure to health. There are artificial intelligence apps that can help to make work easier and now is the right time to use these Artificial Intelligence features in Android apps.

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